Hidden Paradise – Lake of the Ozarks – Missouri Ozarks

Ozarks Lake is considered one of the favorite Parks and Getaways in the Americas. Tucked away in downtown Missouri's Ozarks, a hidden treasure awaits you, this may be the Midwest's best kept secret, and there's something here for everyone and every lifestyle.

Lake of the Ozarks is almost 160 kilometers long and has nearly 1,200 kilometers of coastline, on the quiet, tranquil side that has all the amenities of a big city, whatever your taste, you can find it here. Whether you are looking for a relaxing vacation or a getaway at a world-class spa or prefer Lakefront's many popular entertainment venues, Lake of the Ozarks has it all. It is also home to the largest mall in the state, so you are in the right place; if you like shopping, the lake has become a very popular shopping destination, with more malls scheduled to open in the near future. There is no better destination for the variety of styles and tastes in the Midwest than Lake Ozarks.

The lake has become so much more than a summer destination, thousands of visitors gather in the Ozark Mountains on the lake to see the breathtaking fall foliage and holiday festivals and light exhibits. Catch a holiday show at Main Street Music Hall and really get into the spirit of the season. Then sit back and enjoy the winter scenery around a campfire in one of the shops or resorts or in a great place to have your own piece of paradise. Although tourism is the main lakes industry, the second residence and retirement are even bigger and growing. Real estate is so much more than just a big investment here, it's a lifestyle.

The season begins in spring with St. Patrick's Day Parade in March, a land and water parade, celebrations and parades of major cities have nothing on this lake in the Missouri Ozarks.

In summer, the hot spots of the lakes are some of the most unique locations you'll find anywhere in the country, with places like the famous Horny Toad and Shady Gators at Toad Cove, Docknockers, Franky and Louie's Bambooz, Backwater. Jacks, Peckers, Shorty Pants, Dog Days, Captain Ron & # 39; s and Big Dicks Halfway Inn. You will surely find your favorite Hot Spot and I almost forgot the infamous Party Cove, which made national news on several occasions, this is a place at the lake where you don't want to take the kids.

You may prefer to enjoy the lake on your boat or jet ski and spend the afternoon having fun; There is plenty to choose from as there are literally hundreds of coves. From totally secluded to Party Cove and all, the choice is yours.

Almost all beachfront restaurants and bars offer evening entertainment with highly talented local and national artists. On weekends, entertainment is all day and night. The City Grill Blue Room has national acts with Wednesday night's comedy. Main Street Music Hall has a nightly show, except on Sundays during the season, and is a fun variety show, with a mix of comedy, country and gospel for a change of pace. And on Sunday you can attend the church of your choice, the only thing that surpasses the nighttime hot spots is the churches and there are also a variety of them, from traditional to contemporary.

The lake also hosts two of the nation's largest boat regattas, the Shootout at Captain Ron's and the OSS Championships at Toad Cove, with several poker races throughout the year.

And for all of you golfers, the lake is home to the best golf courses in the Midwest. There are many annual tournaments and golf packages available at various resorts in the area. The golf courses are challenging and beautiful and you have 16 to choose from. Several of them overlook the Ozarks Lake.

Things begin to calm down in the fall with the beautiful fall colors that lead back to the holiday season; This is truly a four season paradise. There really is something for everyone, and I bet you can't just pay a visit. I couldn't and now I live here.

Source by David Braddy

Reasons to visit Missouri

Missouri is a fun and exciting place to visit. It offers great restaurants, live performances and great shopping for everyone. Branson is another good reason to visit Missouri. This city offers a great climate with many interesting things to see and do. It has beautiful scenery that you will not see anywhere else in the country.

With the weather so mild and comfortable, you can spend most of the year in Branson doing outdoor activities. If you are planning a spring trip to Branson, Missouri, get ready for a great outdoor weather. Temperatures range from 50 to 80 degrees.

You should bring spring clothes to carry with you, suitable for outdoor activities. Having moderate temperatures can make everything beautiful during this time of year. These reasons to visit Missouri are just some of the things you can enjoy on your trip.

When visiting Missouri, you will want to bring a raincoat, with spring being one of the wettest times of the year. The rain is not too excessive, so you should not take away all the fun activities. Summer in Branson, Missouri, warms things up a bit. Temperatures get much warmer and the humidity is higher but still bearable.

Many people choose this time of year to visit Missouri with all the fun outdoor activities. Summer activities such as golfing, fishing, hiking, boating and other outdoor activities draw many people from around the world to this location each year. Autumn in Branson, Missouri, brings back spring temperatures.

This makes the holidays here in the fall very comfortable. The red, orange and yellow colors make the leaves look beautiful this time of year. People who enjoy nature enjoy visiting Branson, Missouri during the fall of the year.

In winter, sometimes Branson Missouri can accumulate a lot of snow. This does not happen every winter and should not affect your travel plans. Most people don't let the weather keep them from coming here, as it is such a popular place to visit. During the winter months, temperatures can reach the sixties.

Coming to Branson Missouri can help people escape the cold winter air. These are just some of the most important reasons to visit Missouri during the year. No matter which season you choose to visit Branson, Missouri, you will find many things to see and do at any time of the year.

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What does Trenton Missouri mean to visitors?

This morning my daughter Chloe and I were having a delicious breakfast at Lakeview restaurant in Trenton, Missouri. When we entered our usual table (Chloe is 6 years old and has eaten here over 400 times in her young life), I could see the gentleman we had visited the previous morning; he was sitting by the table "ours".

We greeted each other, and then Bob picked up his cell phone to show Chloe a picture of his huge Nott Rottweiler. Bob had told me the day before that he was a salesman, and he would be in Trenton a few more days before heading to Wisconsin, but not before watching a Kansas City Chiefs football game on Sunday.

In between sips of what I call "Best Coffee in the World," Bob and I chatted about wonderful fishing in Florida. My mother-in-law lived in Fort Meyers, Florida, and I had already enjoyed the coastal waters that Bob has access to most days of the year. As I gazed out into the dark, rainy, very cold weather of October, it was easy to envy the location of Bob's house, which proudly stated, "Today will be 91 degrees in St.Augustine, Florida!"

Suddenly, Bob switched to another topic. He said, "You know, that may sound very good, but I travel a lot, and the people here in Trenton are some of the nicest, warmest, and most hospitable people I've ever met!" I looked across the table at my daughter; she had a revealing smile on her face. One that said, "I know; this is my home. It's a good place to live."

I've heard the same from other people who stopped to visit Trenton. I travel a lot too; I have performed in almost 70 different cities in the United States this year. I love to travel, and don't get me wrong, there are incredibly exciting places and breathtaking places out there … things that can't be experienced here in Trenton, Missouri. However, the one thing that is never "topped" and rarely rivaled is the openness and willingness to start a conversation or lend a helping hand you find in Trenton, Missouri.

The downside of Trenton? You approach and make friends with many, many people. If you live here for a long time, attend a funeral for a friend who has passed, feeling the sadness of a personal loss becomes a commonplace.

The Trenton Advantage? You approach and make friends with many, many people. If you live here long enough, you will attend many funerals and have many opportunities to reflect on how lucky you are to have so many close and trusted friends and to live in such a close community.

Source by Vincent Harris