Hunting and fishing on Ozark National Scenic Shores

Ozark National Scenic Roads The Ozark National Scenic Riverways in southern Missouri is an oasis for overseas men throughout the Midwest. Known for its springs, caves and clear rivers, this national park has something to offer for everyone. The list of leisure opportunities is long and varied. Includes canoeing, fishing, hunting, wildlife viewing and hiking. […]

A vacation trip to historic Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor, a historic site on Oahu Island, offers visitors an unforgettable experience. Scroll down and learn more about this place that changed the course of the country in World War II and a few more attractions around it. Welcome to Pear Harbor, Oahu Island's most visited tourist destination. Knowing the rich American history, you […]

Camp Abbot – A Page of World War II History

Along Highway 97, near Central Oregon's quaint resort community, Sunriver, is a roadside sign erected in 2009. It reads: "Historic World War II Veterans Highway." Some of the road vehicles pass the sign and then turn into Sunriver, while most traffic continues quickly. Many of the drivers who pass the sign do not know the […]

Route 66 Adventure Handbook

"Get Your Kicks on Route 66" was a popular 1940s song by Nat King Cole, which helped bring the long stretch of road – Route 66 – to fame. Now you can have your own kicks on Route 66 if you take the Route 66 Adventure Manual as it will take you to many of […]

A Condensed History of the North American Fur Trade

The evolution of cooking has come a long way since the days of eating, when possible, of the French Canadian Voyageurs and the American Mountain Men, who served as the first working horses carrying the burdens and dangers of the first Canadian fur traders. Americans eat when convenient, possible by contemporary, well-equipped high-tech kitchens. In […]

Tokyo then and now

I hate to say that, but I must. When I arrived in Japan over 20 years ago, I was very disappointed with the look of Tokyo. Not only was it really ugly, ugliness grew forever. While waiting for the exotic Far East, temples and wooden structures with pointed roofs, cobblestone alleys with people pulling carts […]