USS Kittiwake, From Underwater Rescue to Submerged

The USS Kittiwake (ASR-13) was launched on July 10, 1945 in Savannah Georgia. After commissioning in July 1946, it served as an underwater rescue ship. Submarine sea trials and maneuvers drove Kittiwake up and down the US east coast and across the Caribbean. Submariners were reassured knowing that the divers at Kittiwake above would rescue […]

Construction Zone Traffic Law and Ticket Types

During the summer months, construction zones can make car travel a hassle. Building zones not only increase your travel time, but you also need to slow down to pass through them, but they can also create traffic jams in normally uncrowded areas. Although inconvenient, building traffic is necessary to keep the highways in proper condition. […]

When to perform a legal reversal

Making a wrong turn or following the wrong path while traveling is almost inevitable. However, knowing when it is cool to make a U-turn – a turn that results in a vehicle reversing its travel direction – can be a big challenge. State laws Most states have different rules and laws governing this type of […]

Winter Holidays for Recreational Vehicles

Who can resist the big discounts offered by trailer dealers in late summer, when the new model year is being introduced? Discounts of a few thousand on a Fleetwood or Coleman trailer or tens of thousands of dollars on a Winnebago Class A can have a big impact on an individual's budget. But does the […]

Bottom Brule Popcorn

Nestled within 230,000 acres of the Lower Brule Sioux Indian Reservation in South Dakota, Kul Wicasa Oyate, between rolling hills of sage and fennel and the great bend of the Missouri River, lies the city of Lower Brule. Bison grazes and rolls in a nearby pasture. Golden Buffalo Casino attracts travelers with their luck. The […]

What is a tourism broker and how to become a

A person who operates a tour company is a broker. A broker is an intermediary. Brokers buy or organize items or services and sell those items or services to the end buyer. Some examples of brokers are: Independent insurance agents. These agents do not provide insurance; They provide insurance for you from an insurance company. […]

The History of America's First Trans-Continental Railroad

With the benefit of 150 years of hindsight, we can recognize today that the completion of the Union Pacific Railroad in 1869 was of greater importance to the people of the United States, culturally, socially and economically, than the inauguration of the worldwide steamship service. the country. Atlantic or the laying of the Atlantic Ocean […]