Jacksonville Trivia – How Much Do You Know?

Orlando can receive many tourists; Miami can have many party candidates; Ft. Lauderdale may have many beach goers; But, it is Jacksonville that attracts many residents. With a population of over 800,000 (ounces not included) Jacksonville is a large city with a large base of curiosities. Take our quiz to see how much you know.

1. Jacksonville ranks first in Florida's population. Where does he qualify in the US?

an. 25th

B. 8th

ç. 13th

d. The last

2. The first settlement near what is today Jacksonville was called the Ossachite. Founded over 6,000 years ago by which Indians?

an. The Hopis

B. The Timucua

ç. The Seminoles

d. The Cleveland Indians

3. Jacksonville, when it was founded, was not called Jacksonville. What was your name?

an. Cowford

B. Gainesville

ç. Williamsburg

d. Michael Jacksonville

4. Jacksonville became the city's official name in 1822. Who was it named for?

an. Andrew Jackson

B. Stonewall jackson

ç. James Jackson

d. The Jackson Five

5. During the Civil War, what did Jacksonville serve as the primary supplier of?

an. Ammunition

B. Water

ç. Pigs and Cattle

d. Gatorade

6. What happened in Jacksonville on May 3, 1901?

an. A snow storm

B. The mayor was murdered

ç. a big fire destroyed the city

d. Cinco De Mayo arrived two days earlier

7. In the early 1900s, Jacksonville was known as what?

an. The World Capital of Winter Cinema

B. The US Livestock Capital

ç. Alligator city

d. The city with the largest covered wagon dealers

8. What famous band formed in Jacksonville?

an. Aerosmith

B. Lynyrd Skynrd

ç. The temptations

d. Barbie and the rockers

9. What river is Jacksonville located in?

an. The Mississippi

B. St johns

ç. The Missouri

d. The nile

10. Is Jacksonville known as the largest in the United States?

an. Urban park system

B. Restaurant Selections

ç. Native swamps

d. Ego

Answers: 1. c. 13; 2. b. The timucua; 3. a. Cowford; 4. a. Andrew Jackson; 5. c. Pigs and cattle; 6. c. a great fire destroyed the city; 7. a. The World Capital of Winter Cinema; 8. b. Lynyrd Skynrd; 9. b. St. Johns; 10. a. Urban park system

Here's how you did it:

9-10 Correct: You know Jacksonville very well. The mayor must provide a key (from Florida) to the city.

6-8 Correct: Very good. You definitely know more about Jacksonville than most people. Orange are you happy about it?

3-5 Correct: Your trivia needs some work. But with a little research, certainly sunny days are coming.

Less than 3: Not very good. You are jaguar food.

Source by Jennifer Jordan