Jacksonville Trivia – How Much Do You Know?

Orlando can receive many tourists; Miami can have many party candidates; Ft. Lauderdale may have many beach goers; But, it is Jacksonville that attracts many residents. With a population of over 800,000 (ounces not included) Jacksonville is a large city with a large base of curiosities. Take our quiz to see how much you know. […]

Popular Medicare J and F Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplement Plan F and Plan J are two of the most requested by seniors. The main reason is that these two plans fill most of the gaps Medicare does not cover. Many supplemental insurance companies offer Plan F, but with the advent of Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage, Plan J may be harder […]

Nitestones – Montana Sapphires

Nitestone is a term given to Montana Sapphires because of its brightness and slight color change obtained in the night light. Precision diamond cutting achieves a brilliance that exceeds other sapphires and makes them sparkle like diamonds. The stones of Montana have a tremendous refraction of light. Montana sapphires are truly some of the best […]

What is the dive shop?

Whether you are looking for diving equipment, diving repair, maintenance or certification, the dive shop is the place to start your adventure! Here you can also meet other divers, find out about diving vacations or perhaps learn about all the educational aspects of diving. The most obvious reason for visiting the dive shop is to […]

United States Geography

In speaking of the United States of America in a geographical sense, we refer to the US as part of the American continent and also of other territories. The US is located in the north of the Americas and also consists of Alaska, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands, Guam and Puerto Rico. Not all are found […]

Lessons Learned from The Nabisco Free Animals PR Campaign

Nabisco opened the cages and the media began to play. In a move that caught the attention of the national media, Nabisco decided to change its Barnum Animal Cracker packaging. Several public relations lessons can be learned from Nabisco's strategy. Some background … The cookie company has tweaked its graphics to eliminate the current appearance […]

Hiking Opportunities in Missouri

Missouri has everything for the walker. Most hiking trails in Missouri are located in the mountainous southern part of the state, where the Ozark Mountains offer some of the best scenery from anywhere in the country. But there are trails in other parts of the state, in central and northeastern Missouri. Here is a quick […]

Martha Gellhorn Biography |

Martha Ellis Gellhorn, famous for Martha Gellhorn, was an American novelist, writer, and journalist. She was famous mainly because of her journalism skills and the desire to be a foreign reporter made her a global name. She was also referred to as a 20th century war correspondent and was the best at what she did. […]

American Poolplayers Association – Franchise Review

APA – The American Pool Players Association was founded by professional pool players Larry Hubbart and Terry Bell in 1981. APA has been operating in franchises since 1982. APA has run a local franchise-based amateur pool league system that includes eight balls and nine ball, with a unified set of APA rules. Its headquarters is […]