A vacation trip to historic Pearl Harbor


Pearl Harbor, a historic site on Oahu Island, offers visitors an unforgettable experience. Scroll down and learn more about this place that changed the course of the country in World War II and a few more attractions around it.

Welcome to Pear Harbor, Oahu Island's most visited tourist destination. Knowing the rich American history, you will surely remember the experience for a long time. Here are some of the interesting facts about this place and why you should visit this little piece of Hawaii's historic island.

Pearl Harbor, also called 'Pu' uloa ', is located on Oahu Island, west of Honolulu, the state capital of Hawaii. This site is known for the Japanese attack in 1941, when 1,177 sailors drowned in the water. The motif was born in 1931 when the Japanese began their operation to create an empire across Asia. After attacking China in 1937, they moved to Thailand and the Philippines to achieve their goal. Great Britain (UK) was against this action and began to stop aid and freeze Japanese assets in each country. After the United Kingdom, the United States also pressured Japan to stop its move. To respond to the US, the Japanese began attacking through aircraft and dwarf submarines. Although the Americans cracked the attack code, they could not figure out the exact location before the attack. The Japanese attacked and turned the day into a black day, as the Americans damaged the fleet and hunted 2,350 lives, 1,177 from Arizona.

At Pearl Harbor, you can closely explore history by visiting the Arizona Memorial Visitors Center. You would have the opportunity to board the Navy launch ship to the Arizona Memorial, where the names of all 1,177 sailors and Marines are written on a marble wall. During your excursion to Pearl Harbor you will enjoy beautiful Oahu Island attractions including the Polynesian Cultural Center, North Shore and some world famous museums such as the USS Bowfin Submarine, the USS Missouri Battleship and the Pacific Aviation Museum. The charming city of Honolulu is also close to this place where fun and pleasure are right for all visitors.

For accommodations, you need not worry as many hotels, rentals and condos are offering quality facilities with all modern amenities and fun activities, depending on your budget. There are a multitude of restaurants offering fresh seafood as well as traditional Hawaiian dishes. To meet your shopping needs, you can relocate to Honolulu City, where several world-class shopping destinations are waiting for you.

Without a doubt, a trip to Pearl Harbor would be the unique experience in your life, unforgettable for a long time. To book your trip in advance, you can browse the Internet, where some reliable websites offer a variety of tour packages, depending on your budget. Along with travel facilities, they provide accommodation and tour guides to show all attractions. You need to research well by comparing the prices and facilities offered by the websites. This would help you get the right package for your Pearl Harbor tour from a reputable tour company.


Source by Shaker Morad