Pearl Harbor – Memorial site honored by USS military


Pearl Harbor is a water port on the most famous island known as O'Ahu in Hawaii. This port is covered by most of the surroundings, with deep naval lands and waters. For the US Pacific Fleet, this port is home. In the year 1941, there was an attack by the Empire of Japan on Pearl Harbor. This attack brought to the Second World War. The attack on this site destroyed many army equipment, including 11 ships, 188 aircraft and 68 civilians, and about 2403 US military soldiers were killed. At that time, three aircraft carriers were not in that port. These three aircraft are safe and undamaged. In World War II, the US attack was marked and the other war of the Pacific War began. This war was known as the Pearl Harbor bombing and also the Battle of Pearl Harbor.

The most common name for this attack is just Pearl Harbor. In 2010, this site turned 69 years old. In the war, it was the attack of the Japanese and the entry of the United States. After visiting this place, you can see many sites worth seeing. Every individual knows the attack on this place, so many tourist trips made from various places every year. It is a perfect destination if you want to experience a day trip. There are about five major famous places or, say, places that are known to be historic and are a landmark of Hawaii's O 'ahu Island. The place you can go is the USS Arizona Memorial, where you can see that they were hit by 1,760 bombs that were piercing armor. Here you can learn the techniques of war such as attacking the enemy and also explore some historical point that was attacked.

Many visitors come here to respect the brave soldiers. In this Pearl Harbor, you can see the names written on the wall of brave soldiers who lost their lives. The Missouri Memorial battleship is another historic site where the Japanese surrender and the end of World War II. The surrender deck is the memorial deck. It is a museum that displays the three wars. It would be the best experience to spend a vacation in this beautiful place where the USS won the war and see so many travelers traveling from faraway countries. At the USS Bowfin Submarine Museum and Park, you can learn the techniques and how the battle was done under water in the sea. At the Pearl Harbor Museum, you can see various royal weapons and torpedoes that are displayed here. Even at the Pacific Aviation Museum, one can see the aircraft used during the war and what are the types, because some are fighter jets while others are bombers. Another place in Pearl Harbor to note is the USS Oklahoma Memorial website.


Source by Suzane Fadrik